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Storage bed

I got main idea from this page. So thanks Nora for sharing 🙂

And here is how I did it.

I have a small apartment so there’s not much space left for bed. The old bed was in a place of 235 cm width and 270 cm depth. Since I had quite new 160×200 cm mattress I wanted to use it with new storage bed too. The place needed repainting job anyway.


The main structure was built with Ikea Faktum cabinets. Width of cabinets goes: 80+40+80 cm for front and rear cabinets and 50+60 cm for left and right. Rear and left cabinets are also attached to the wall which makes whole structure incredibly stable. Oh, and height of cabinets is 92 cm. I didn’t choose 70 cm, since I wanted to get the most out of it and height above mattress – which is about 140 cm – is enough.


I also put wooden footing. One reason is you can’t have front doors sliding on the floor and the other is that such space is great for hiding cables. Left and right cabinets were not raised since I needed space and support for bed base. Cabinets are attached with screws to footing.


Bed base was made from two Ikea Sultan bases of 70 cm width. I didn’t need to make it 160 cm since cabinets has plenty of space for remains of mattress.


Middle of the base is supported by thick laths. The middle one is 12×5 cm while others are 8×5 cm. It’s thick and wide enough to support two persons without any bending or shaking.


I also attached small halogen lights to the middle lath.


Getting inside and finally filling up spaces 🙂


And now the stairs. There were room for only 35 cm of width which is barely enough. I used Faktum cabinets of 30 cm width. Height are 92, 70 and then I cut another 70 to get 20 and 45.


I also built in drawers with depth of 55 cm. It doesn’t matter that cabinets are only 35 cm deep, the drawers goes through to another one. Drawer guides also fixes cabinets together.


And finally stairs tops. I know it’s quite ugly that I used 35 cm width tops but as I said, even that is barely enough to comfortably climb up. I also plan to move that partial wall to gain another 5-10 cm and then make new wider stairs.


And for the doors I used custom made doors from hobby workshop since I needed the same texture for drawers.